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A new survey of 1,002 Junior Achievement alumni conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Junior Achievement USA – an organization that aims to develop work-place readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills in students through volunteer-led talks, exercises, and programs – finds that the Junior Achievement (JA) program had a strong impact on JA alumni’s professional and personal development into adulthood and the working-world.


Share Your JA Story! Tell us how your experience influenced the path of your career or how a mentor or volunteer changed your life or how it taught you about managing your money.
How Can You Share Your #IamJA Story?
Your phone is a perfect video camera, or you can also use your webcam on your computer.
There are many ways to share your story with us in 3 minutes or less:
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Video Best Practices:
  • If using your phone or a tablet, be sure it is in the horizontal position.
  • Natural lighting is best and, often, free. Record videos in front of a window in the morning and afternoon to avoid harsh light. If you dedicate a conference room as a recording studio, make sure it has soft lighting.
  • Sound: Record in a relatively quiet space or use headphones with a microphone to dampen background noise.
  • Location: Any backdrop will do. Part of the appeal of personalized one-way videos is that is not staged but looks authentic. Try to tailor the background to the situation, and always dress the part.
  • Timing: the pros suggest 90 seconds or less, but feel free to expand to 3 minutes as your journey may require more time.

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Regardless of which JA programs you participated in, or where in the world the program was hosted,
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