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JA Enhances Teaching Experiences with Cutting-Edge Technology

Zebra’s ET40 tablets help the non-profit organization provide an engaging, efficient and eco-friendly way to simulate real-life scenarios for students.

Junior Achievement of South Florida (JA) is part of a worldwide network that strives to inspire and educate students in financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement of South Florida is one of 100 plus Junior Achievement locations in the United States and serves approximately 80,000 students a year.

Kids Run the World

As part of its mission to better prepare students for real-world scenarios, Junior Achievement of South Florida offers interactive courses that allow kids to be adults for a day. JA BizTown is a mock city with 18 storefronts sponsored by real local businesses. When students arrive, they are assigned careers for the day, such as bank tellers, doctors, attorneys, magazine editors and meter readers. Students perform that role while interacting with other students and businesses within the town.

Eighth graders get a similar experience with JA Finance Park. While it looks and feels similar to JA BizTown, it is a different program with different goals. Students receive a profile and a life scenario for the day where they simulate real-life decisions for that profile. Additionally, students learn about different career paths they might want to pursue.

A More Interactive Experience

Before 2017, faculty printed course packets for students who attended both JA BizTown and JA Finance Park. The packets contained details about the course and each student’s role in the simulation. With thousands of students attending each year, the amount of paper printed each day was significant. Additionally, staff spent extra time printing course materials and preparing for the next round of students.


JA Enhances Teaching Experiences with Cutting-Edge Technology

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