JA Finance Park

Imagine a generation of youth equipped with knowledge to budget, save and invest.

A Generation of youth prepared with the knowledge to budget. knowledge to budget.

At the Patten Family Foundation JA Finance Park, each year more than 20,000 eighth grade students from Broward and south Palm Beach Counties learn how financial decisions will impact their lives. These include expenses related to family health care, real estate and home improvements, automobiles, insurance, entertainment, education, and purchasing items such as clothing, furniture and groceries.

Prior to visiting JA Finance Park, students engage in a comprehensive classroom curriculum that teaches them about finances, careers, income, expenses, savings and credit. This program helps students recognize that their education decisions affect their career options and have an impact on their potential income and quality of life.

At the end of the classroom instruction, students visit JA Finance Park and put what they learned into action by managing a real world inspired personal budget based on local careers in a simulated city. Students are guided by trained volunteers.

Want to make an impact toward the success of our students? Come volunteer in our JA Finance Park or donate to Junior Achievement of South Florida.

Volunteer Video for JA Finance Park

For more information about JA Finance Park, contact Lauren Bennett, JA Finance Park Program Manager, at (954) 979-7105 or email Lauren@JASouthFlorida.org

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