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Let’s Talk Magazine: JA World Uncorked 2023

JA World Uncorked 2023

Let’s Talk Magazine

Exotic, glamorous, risque, festive, exciting… These are all words that could be used to describe Moulin Rouge. Perhaps, that is why the enticing concept was used as a theme for the latest JA World Uncorked, held on January 28 at the JA World Huizenga Center at the Lillian S. Wells Pavilion, 1130 Coconut Creek Blvd. in Coconut Creek. Hosted by the Circle of Wise Women, this yearly event benefits Junior Achievement of South Florida.

The theme wasn’t the only thing they changed this year. The event continues to improve, and this year, they brought in more money than ever before – a historic $345,000 and more than 700 guests!

Also this year, the food options seemed more diverse than ever, and delicious, everything from a light and airy panna cotta to a soul-satisfying smoky pulled pork. Guests could start with trying a Caesars salad and tortilla soup and maybe grab some of Yot’s famous fish dip and move on to items like sliders, prime rib, pasta, sashimi and countless other delectable options from local restaurants, and then finish with desserts like cookies, cake, cream puffs, tarts or Italian Ice.

The spirits on hand were just as plentiful and varied. Guests could choose a refreshing and lemony light KLEO-Patra, a mixture of the Greek spirit KLEOS, lemon juice, simple syrup and basil, or opt for a taste of a creamy Pennyslvania Dutch Salted Caramel drink. They could sip their favorite wines, grab a gelatin shot, choose a craft beer from Funky Budha, enjoy Canyon’s prickly pear margarita and more. There was even an espresso martini cart, by Gray Robinson, P.A, where the purveyor got on the bicycle attached and pedaled to grind his own coffee! Yvette and Bob Birdsong sponsored a welcome cocktail for everyone… the Capital Grill Stoli Doli. The variety of wine, spirits, beer and seltzers kept guests happy all night long and the culinary options kept them smiling. DJs played music throughout while guests roamed.

Let’s Talk Magazine: JA World Uncorked 2023

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