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Mindset Day: Transforming Student Mindsets

Transforming Student Mindsets: The Impact of Mindset Day at McArthur High School

In a world where students’ sense of belonging and commitment are paramount to their success, McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida, took a significant step forward with Mindset Day. It began when the school’s post-survey results revealed a challenge: low scores in response to the statement, “I feel a sense of belonging at my 3DE school.” Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, the school’s 3DE leadership shifted their focus to student engagement They seized an opportunity to leverage the powerful insights of Sara Blakely’s Mindset Series, which encourages students to embrace authenticity, confidence, curiosity, and determination.

Mindset Day was not just another event; it was a strategic alignment of vision and purpose. The 3DE staff and administration worked in unison to ensure that the event’s objectives were aligned with the school’s overarching goals. Their shared vision aimed to foster a sense of belonging and relevance within the school community.

To create a holistic experience, 3DE extended an invitation to its community members, including school security, social workers, Junior Achievement representatives, reading/math coaches and more. This comprehensive engagement was intentional; it aimed to introduce students to the vast resources available to support their educational journey, ensuring they felt well-supported and valued.

Mindset Day was a full-day assembly characterized by teacher-led mindset stations, each thoughtfully designed around the mindset series lessons: “See it a New Way,” “Fill in the Blank,” “Hello Purpose,” “Aim High,” and “Reframing Failure.”

The event was not just about inspiring students for a day; it aimed to bring about lasting change. Pre- and post­ event data revealed significant positive shifts in student

perceptions. Notable increases included heightened excitement about joining 3DE, entering high school, setting ambitious goals, creating action plans, embracing failure as part of the learning process, and gaining clarity about their life’s purpose.

When students first heard about a full-day assembly, they weren’t particularly enthusiastic. However, the event surpassed their expectations, and in an unexpected turn, they found it both enjoyable and transformative. Those who initially hesitated ended up raving about the experience, even telling their friends who skipped the day that they had missed something special.

Mindset Day at McArthur High School stands as a testament to the transformative potential of the mindset series. By aligning with the school’s administration, engaging the broader community, and using data to assess success, this event exceeded its initial objectives. It not only improved student perceptions but also fostered a deeper partnership between the 3DE program and the school’s leadership. In the spirit of the Mindset Series’ core tenets of Authenticity, Confidence, Curiosity, and Determination, McArthur High School is poised to continue its journey toward excellence, led by a community of empowered and inspired minds.



Mindset Day: Transforming Student Mindsets

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