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JA’s Summer Youth Employment Program

Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders by Hiring JA Interns Today

South Florida employers, are you ready to bring enthusiasm, energy, and creativity to your workplace? Looking for new insights, fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and a perspective of today’s consumers? Junior Achievement of South Florida (JA) has a solution – hire talented, professional JA-trained interns who have the skills to become tomorrow’s leaders. The best part, there is no cost to your organization. Thanks to a grant from The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, JA has the funds to pay interns to work for you.

Junior Achievement is training the next generation of business leaders, employees and consumers by educating students about #financialliteracy, #entrepreneurship and #workreadiness. In the JA Career Bound program, high school students take part in a cutting-edge, skills-building leadership program where they learn about the skills needed to success in today’s workforce.

Upon completion, students are offered an internship through the JA Summer Youth Employment program. This program works with local businesses to offer students a summer internship to practice and further develop the skills learned in Career Bound.

With this program, our goal is to match students with an internship that will allow them to take part in meaningful projects and/or assignments that add value to the student as well as the company. Student interns are ready to work 20-30 hours per week, for up to 4 weeks, and are paid at least minimum wage. Some of the current companies we have partnered with include #Latin2LatinMarketing, #Mad4Marketing, #SOSChildren’sVillages, #BrowardHealth, #ICauseGlobalFoundation, #LiveOakCamp and many others.

These student internships are an importance culmination of the Career Bound journey. It is important for students to receive hands-on, real work experience, to further expand their skill set and prepare them to enter the workforce. It also reinforces the soft skills students learn during the program which includes public speaking, communications, conflict resolution, creativity, and ethical standards. In addition, hiring a talented intern creates a recruiting channel and better develops your industries talent pipeline.

As an employer, you will be working with the student intern and include the student in relevant meetings, events, projects and tasks that will provide them with a one of a kind learning opportunity. We highly encourage a mentor/supervisor that will work as a guide for the student, and will provide meaningful feedback, evaluation and a letter of recommendation upon program completion.

To find out more on how you can host a JA funded intern contact Patricia Josue at (954) 979-7106 or email You can also visit us online at

JA’s Summer Youth Employment Program

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