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Thought Leadership: Building Workplace Culture

Culture and the New World of Work

The way we work has changed. While employers had been experimenting with remote and hybrid work models for years before the COVID pandemic, that event accelerated the reliance on technology and Work from Home (WFH).

Though countless employers have begun initiating Return to Office (RTO) plans, research by Mercer shows that most will continue to offer remote and hybrid options, often to attract and retain talent. But this approach also raises concerns, with a majority of corporate leaders (51%) expressing reservations about the impact of these models on corporate culture, as noted in the same study by Mercer. This concern goes beyond employers to the employees themselves, with large percentages of remote workers feeling left out of company culture, according to the Harvard Business Review.

While there are certainly advantages of hybrid and remote work models for both employers (attracting a wider array of talent, lower operating costs) and employees (better work-life balance, a more affordable lifestyle), the downside to an organization is a talent pool that operates more like siloed independent contractors than a cohesive and unified team that’s loyal to each other and committed to a common mission.

For those organizations prioritizing RTO, fostering a collaborative and welcoming culture is essential. As research from Poly and Worktech Academy points out, employers hoping to attract workers back to the office will need to curate a culture that makes the commute worthwhile in the minds of associates. This includes finding ways to bring down silos between teams and create a cross-functional environment where employees feel they have a voice and their input is welcomed.

Focusing on curating an effective corporate culture can pay long-term dividends. Research by PwC shows that employees who consider themselves engaged in the workplace are 87 percent less likely to resign than those who don’t. Gallup has found that workplaces with cultures that encourage employee engagement are also more profitable.


Thought Leadership: Building Workplace Culture
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Go Riverwalk January 2022: A Triumphant Return


Go Riverwalk
Fort Lauderdale’s City Magazine
January 2022

The non-profit organization Junior Achievement of South Florida has been making an impact on K-12 students for more than 60 years. With 20 different programs, their focus is on instilling students with the confidence to navigate their futures through learning about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness.

“Our programs are realistic and impactful. It’s all about teaching kids real-world skills they might not learn anywhere else, and we have 55,000 plus students who come through JA World each year,” said Diana Metcalf, director of development at Junior Achievement of South Florida.

Unfortunately, for JA, one of its biggest fundraising events had to be cancelled earlier this year due to Covid but luckily this Jan. 29, the JA World Uncorked event will finally be making its triumphant return. The annual event is hosted by one of the Junior Achievement’s biggest supporters, the Circle of Wise Women, which was founded in 2009 with the goal of supporting the organization and its programs in a substantial way.

“When we first founded the Circle of Wise Women, we had a very simple mission — to advocate for and support Junior Achievement of South Florida and their programs,” said Metcalf.

Since its inception, the group has raised more than $4.5 million for Junior Achievement of South Florida, and more specifically through its signature event, the annual JA World Uncorked. At the culinary showcase, guests may sample gourmet bites prepared by leading South Florida chefs and sip on wines, spirits, craft beers and cocktails from local vendors.

Go Riverwalk January 2022: A Triumphant Return
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