JA Experience at Lauderhill 6-12

JA Experience is a holistic and comprehensive education model that integrates a fully immersive, real-world experience into the standard academic framework.

Redesigning High School Education Education

As our economy continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate, our public education structure has fundamentally not been able to keep pace. With limited ability to effectively innovate, much of the recent advancements have taken place outside the system.

This has left the majority of students with an antiquated high school experience that does not reflect the world in which they live and leaves them unprepared to achieve economic prosperity. More than 90 percent of our country relies on developing a solution within the system in order to better serve today’s generation.

This model, piloted at Lauderhill 6-12, creates a comprehensive experience that is directly connected to the real world. From school structure to curriculum design to teacher development to consistent support and implementation, this model re-engineers high school education.

JA Experience is designed as a “specialty school,” where the entire student body will participate in the program. JA electives are included as “mandatory electives” throughout the 4-year high school experience. A JA-trained teacher works closely with Junior Achievement of South Florida to implement the curriculum and activities.


For more information about the JA Experience at Lauderhill 6-12 Program, contact Claire Aguilera, JA Experience Onsite Director, at (954) 979-7104 or Claire@JASouthFlorida.org.

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